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Do you also feel pain in back while doing sit ups ?


Today, we are going to discuss about the problems of sit-ups exercise and the best alternative that you can add to your workout sessions.

Let's Start !

When I started doing abs exercises, sit-ups were the first ones that always came to my mind but after doing few reps , my back started to hurt. I didn’t know the reason for the pain at that time due to lack of guidance and knowledge. Also, there was one more problem that I was not feeling any pressure on my abs.

Let me tell you what I have studied and researched from past few years which helped me to get balanced and back pain free abs.


Lets discuss the reasons why sit-ups are not best when you have back pain or discomfort on your back.



The fact is that sit-ups use more of the hip flexor muscles—which attach between the thigh bones and lower back (lumbar spine) than the actual rectus abdominus (the “six pack” muscle). Since the hip flexors attach to the front of the lumbar spine, if they become overworked or over-tightened they can create an anterior (forward) pull on the lumbar vertebrae ( lower back) which might be the reason for the discomfort.

Photo of me doing sit –ups and mentioning about the rectus abdominis and hip flexor

When the hip flexors become very stiff, they pull our pelvis downward (anteriorly) and create excessive curvature at our lumbar spine. In laymen's terms, tight hips create a tight lower back, which doesn't help anybody.

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