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Guru (Jackie Shroff) is a poor, mild-mannered man living with his mother (Aruna Irani) and sister (Ayesha Deva). One day, he meets a beautiful young woman named Kali (Katrina Kaif) and falls in love with her. However, he learns that she is the mistress of the notorious gangster Sonu (Sonu Sood). Sonu is happy with Kali and uses her to control the trade routes and business operations in his territory. Sonu has a violent temper, and is highly dangerous to the people around him. But Guru is in love with Kali, and wants to stop Sonu from hurting her. When Kali suddenly disappears, Guru learns that Sonu has taken her to India, where he plans to torture and kill her. In an attempt to rescue her, Guru steals a beautiful car and travels to India, where he learns that Sonu has kidnapped Kali. He takes revenge against Sonu by blowing up his car. The mobsters who were part of Sonu's gang are now after Guru. Using an old lady, Guru brings Kali home safely. Sonu, enraged by Guru's attempt to save Kali, orders his thugs to get him. Then, they corner Guru and torture him until Kali arrives, whereupon she kills Sonu's thugs and rescues Guru. Both Guru and Kali go to the police station, where the police commissioner arrests Sonu. Later, Guru marries his love, with the blessing of his family. Kannada actor Siddarth, who has been a household name ever since his serial Surya was a huge success, appears in a different avatar as Father. Simran, who is an innocent and beautiful girl, runs away from her family and settles in Mumbai, the film capital of India. While going through a street she is caught by a car and dragged inside. Her naked body is stolen by a mysterious man named 'Jagadeesh' (Kannada actor Mahesh) and his cohorts who pose as police and chase her to her house. While she is asleep, they take her along with them to their hideout in a jungle. Jagadeesh then kills her parents and the police inspector who comes to investigate the murder case. The Inspector now takes up the case and leaves the murderer Jagadeesh to seek revenge. Will Simran's parents manage to find her and get her back? Can she survive Jagadeesh's ruthless attack on her? Where are you?




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